Encore - Layover, Vinyl LP

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1. Layover (Prod. Jake One)
2. Break Bread (Prod. Vitamin D)
3 Step It Up Or Wrap It Up (Prod. Jake One)
4. Zigga Zigga (Prod. Jake One)
5. Traditional Slick Talk f. Opio & A-Plus (Prod. Architect)
6. The Schizm f. Nathan Thomas (Prod. Jake One)
7. My Way Home f. DJ Topspin (Prod. Jake One)
8. Real Talk f. Ladybug Mecca
9. Chocolat Popcorn f. Arcee (Prod. Jake One)
10. Essentially Yours (Prod. Jake One)
11. City Livin f. Pep Love (Prod. Architect)
12. Faithful f. Nathan Thomas (Prod. Architect)
13. Too Easy (Layover Outro) (Prod. Vitamin D)

by A+ , Opio , Pep Love , and Encore ,